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The story does make you think of larger conspiracies at work on an international level. If a story does tell you about that, it should tell you things at a much larger level. London Confidential on the other hand is too complacent and self-satisfied. It doesn’t bother much to show larger things at play.

After Covid-19 and its widespread adverse effects in the world, a new virus is being planted to shake the world. Indian Intelligence Agent Biren Ghosh (Diljohn Singh) has managed to get on board a Chinese source, who will reveal about the conspiracy in a London Conference on virology, seven days from now. Attempts are being made to kill the source before he/she reaches the conference.

Created by S. Hussain Zaidi and written by, the film does have merits in the idea. The thriller genre that it caters to has also been justified in the concept. That’s about it though. Although attempts have been made to wrap the film in twists and suspense and bigger conspiracies at hand, nothing actually makes it for a very interesting watch.

The film is good in parts. What the makers should be credited for is infusing the narrative with layers, or atleast building a plot that has something to be invested in. Having said that, it eventually remains a uni-directional plot where most of the time, Indian agents keep finding the mole within themselves. While you as an audience, guess the mole just 10mins into the film, the agents aren’t able to. And this will surely irritate you.

There is so much happening in the film, which is good, given a racy thriller. Just seven days to the final conference, finding a mole, saving yourself from the opposition, making a conscious effort to not blow your own cover while doing so. But in doing all this, the characters are very casual and laidback. They don’t show immediacy. Also, there is an effort lacking in their body language. They don’t seem as agents on such an important global mission.

Also, things here happen from one perspective only. If this is a global phenomenon, something more on the larger level should have been shown. The elements are put to use at a surface level never allowing you to dig deep. Of course the makers can’t show details explicitly, something that is only based on speculations.

Mouni Roy is capable of doing better. Nevertheless she isn’t bad. She lifts the plot much on her shoulders and she is fine. Purab Kohli also is underutilised. The role has been half baked, not giving him much scope to perform

Kulraj Randhawa has a strong persona here and she does her job impressively. As the Indian Ambassador to UK, she suits the part. Diljohn Singh has a small appearance and he is just okay.

Kiren Jogi is average, nothing much to cherish in the role. So is Pravessh Rana. He does fine using his personality to his advantage. But his role doesn’t have much substance.

Blame it on the characterisation. The actors have a thin track to perform on.

Background score by Sanket Naik is good and gripping. Much of the thrill in the narrative comes from here and not the writing. Hence he must be commended for being good at his work.

Cinematography by Ewan Mulligan is simple and also effective. The locations are shot well. The discreet places shown are also managed nicely. Production design by Harry Meads could be a little better to give the film more definition in terms of human connect.

Editing by Parikshhit Jha is very good, for the written material. There are no dull moments and the duration of the film too is perfect. The transitions happen smoothly and you do feel little thrill because of good work managed on the editing table.

A good decent watch for one time. Not expecting great merits, the film will entertain you reasonably. This film however had the chance to shine more.


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