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Motion Graphics: An Essential Video Marketing Tool for Businesses

Proven to noticeably improve Click-through-Rates and Engagements, motion graphics have emerged as a popular Video Marketing tool across leading Social Media platforms and search engines.

With Qatar’s booming digital marketing landscape, motion graphics are a cost-effective tool to grab maximum eyeballs with creative explainer videos which promote products or services, deliver facts, numbers, categories and statistics in an educational but engaging way.

Motion graphics add life to your complex data or content through an effective mix of visual effects, 2-D and 3-D elements, animated typography, stop-motion animation, dynamics, digital video, among other components. A motion graphic is said to grasp the attention of online audience better than a text banner as it conveys the products underlying message in a ‘digital-storytelling’ format.

Many popular social media websites and blogs recommend the use of motion graphics to communicate with the audience in a persuasive manner. Search Engine Journal creatively terms motion graphics as the art of Visual Storytelling and Data Visualization.

We have enlisted below few key benefits of using motion graphics for video marketing Increase in Click through Rate (CTR) 62% of Google searches contain video (Search metrics) Video gets three times more inbound links than plain text “ which means its three time more shareable (Moz) Cost effective content marketing tool in Qatar’s competitive digital space, motion graphics can be a cost effective marketing tool due to overall reduced cost of production as compared to traditional video.

Higher engagement on various Social Media Networks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are believed to be among the most popular social media networks in Qatar.

An enthralling motion graphic video can increase the engagement level on these sites with a fair number of both Qatar nationals and expats being active users. Longevity in the dynamic Qatar market, it is imperative to reach out to business prospects with relevant and timely information. For promotions with motion graphics, we can always go back and edit the video content to keep it relevant and updated.

Experimental Difficult shots can be created with the help of motion graphics. For example, a representative shot of Earth from space or an ex-plainer video on solar system for educational purpose.
High-resolution Constant technological developments, along with improved internet bandwidth are contributing to more sophisticated motion graphics. Thus, high-quality and high-resolution graphics can be used for advertising with animation and special effects Gone are the days when a white board, pasted pictures and letters were used to sell ideas.

Today, in the world of live-action motion, static means plain boring. This is why at Whyte; we believe in selling ideas that live and breathe soul. As the Design Agency for ITL World – Travel Management Company, we created this compelling Motion Graphic / Explainer Video which promotes their services in a creative, story-telling format to their clients across Qatar and GCC.


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